Provide logging for server plugin

I am building a very basic “hello world” server plugin to learn … my problem: nothing happens, I do not get errors, I do not see any output or effect …

My assumption was, that activating the plugin calls Activator#start()… so when I log or throw an exception there, it should have some effect. But that doesn’t happen.

Please find my approach here: GitHub - holixon/axon-server-plugin-example: A simple "hello world" example using the axon server plugin api

I would love to understand, how I can configure logging in a way, that I can “debug” the plugin by adding log entries to the main axon-server log.

I would also like to have this example enhanced for all possible interectors and listeners and provided as an “official” blueprint that I can basically just copy to built on … the README documentation itself does not give (at least) me a succesful implementation.

Anyone out there who can either provide a link to a working setup or clone and check mine? Thanks!


Crossposting it here!


Thank you very much. I now can upload my plugin and see log output, which allows me to finally trace what’s going on inside and build the desired functionality.

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