Wrong application name on axon server when I add spring-cloud-starter-openfeign to the classpath


I’m making some tests with axon 4.0.3 using spring boot 2.1.2.RELEASE and spring cloud Greenwich.RC2 and when I add spring-cloud-starter-openfeign to the application classpath, my application is registered on axon server as application-1 inset of the name that I gave to it in on spring.application.name property of my application.properties.

Any one has this problem? How can I fix this issue?

Thank you for your time.

I manage to solve this issue by adding the spring.application.name to the bootstrap.properties file.

Thank you.

terça-feira, 22 de Janeiro de 2019 às 20:32:08 UTC, Pedro Ribeiro escreveu:

Hi Pedro,

sorry, I was too late to the game. I’m not familiar with the spring-cloud-starter-openfeign, but some of the other Spring Cloud dependencies may require the application name in earlier stages, setting a value before the one from your application.properties was set. Note that bootstrap.properties are used in an earlier initialization stage than application.properties.

It’s good having this thread for future reference.