Wrapping up 2011 and plans for AxonFramework in 2012

Hi all,

it’s been a fantastic year for the AxonFramework. Early this year, I released the very first full release of Axon. Although it was a major milestone, it hardly meant I could take a break. Thanks to the growing community behind Axon (yes, that’s you!), I got a lot of interesting feedback to improve the framework further. Not only the framework itself, but also some of the services around the framework have evolved.

A few of the highlights of 2011:

Migrated to GitHub
Very recently, under community pressure, I have migrated all the code to GitHub. Git takes a bit of getting used to, but once you know about push, pull and rebase, it’s all pretty cool stuff. The migration to Git definitely improves the possibilities for community involvement. I’m looking forward to receiving pull requests.

New Website
Last week, Jettro and I launched the new AxonFramework.org website. Most of the content has been migrated, and the remainder will follow the coming weeks. On this website, we’ll have more place to answer some of the frequently asked questions about CQRS and Axon. If you have any interesting information to put on the website, let me know. Any input is welcome.

Together with Dutchworks, Axon’s largest sponsor, we’ve made some plans for 2012. They will continue sponsoring the development (with some people joining the core team) and we have decided to increase the number of workshops given in 2012.

Axon 2.0 coming up
In 2012 I expect some more nice changes. Development on the 2.0 version has started. This version contains some changes that provide major improvements in terms of flexibility and performance. On one side, your applications domain model gets less cluttered with Axon specific code, on the other side it becomes easier to refactor your aggregates, even when you do Event Sourcing. And last, but definitely not least, 2.0 will provide out-of-the-box scalability features.
You can follow 2.0 development on GitHub: github.com/AxonFramework/AxonFramework

Workshops around Europe and the US
I also made some plans with Dutchworks to increase the number of workshops in 2012. Until now, all workshops were planned in Amsterdam, where Dutchworks is located. For 2012, we plan to give some workshops in other major cities as well. On Google analytics, I noticed some hotspots in Hamburg, London, Chicago and San Francisco. If you’re in or near one of these cities, and are interested in a one-day workshop or intense 2-day immersion training, drop a note and we’ll work out a schedule for it. If you’re in another city and know there will be enough interest to fill a workshop of around 10 people, drop a note as well.

Leaves me to thank you all for your input in 2011 and wish you happy holidays!