Working with multiple topics?

Is it possible to leverage axon to utilize multiple Kafka topics to produce and consume messages?
Possibly an optional parameter for eventBus.publish?

The KafkaMessageConverter is responsible for creating a ProducerRecord based on an EventMessage. It seems that you can only return a single one, meaning that for a single Publisher, you can select only one topic.

A solution could be to define more than one Publisher, one for each topic.
Given the KafkaConnector is in a RC state, there are still some API changes that we can apply before creating a release. If the desire to publish messages to multiple topics is common, then this should be simplified in the APIs.


Thank you for following up.
We have the need for both production and more importantly consumption on different topics across multiple services.
One common example is to feed failure into a different topic that can be used for reprocessing.

As a feature wish it would be wonderful to have that level of control through annotations and/or optional parameter in eventBus.publish.
I understand that this idea needs to be abstracted for Axon but you know best in this regard :slight_smile: