Why axon have a daily in consumer message from kafka consumer

why axon have a daily in-consumer message from Kafka consumer?
for every consume message about 5 s we need

public ConfigurerModule processorDefaultConfigurerModule() {
return configurer → configurer.eventProcessing(EventProcessingConfigurer::usingTrackingEventProcessors);

public ConfigurerModule kafkaConfigurerModule(
        ConsumerFactory<String, byte[]> consumerFactory,
        Fetcher<String, byte[], KafkaEventMessage> fetcher,
        KafkaMessageConverter<String, byte[]> messageConverter,
        @Qualifier("eventSerializer") Serializer serializer,
     EventProcessingConfigurer eventProcessingConfigurer) {
    return new ConfigurerModule() {
        public void configureModule(Configurer configurer) {
            ExecutorService executorService= Executors.newCachedThreadPool(new AxonThreadFactory("AsyncFetcher"));;
            AsyncFetcher<?, ?, ?> asyncFetcher = AsyncFetcher.builder()
                    .executorService(executorService)// Defaults to "5000" milliseconds
            KafkaMessageSourceConfigurer kafkaMessageSourceConfigurer = new KafkaMessageSourceConfigurer();
            StreamableKafkaMessageSource<String, byte[]> kafkaMessageSource = StreamableKafkaMessageSource.<String, byte[]>builder()
                    .topics(defaultTopic)                                          // Defaults to a collection of "Axon.Events"
                    .consumerFactory(consumerFactory)                               // Hard requirement
                    .fetcher((Fetcher<String, byte[], KafkaEventMessage>) asyncFetcher)                                               // Hard requirement
                    .messageConverter(messageConverter)                             // Defaults to a "DefaultKafkaMessageConverter"
                            () -> new SortedKafkaMessageBuffer<>(1000))   // Defaults to a "SortedKafkaMessageBuffer" with a buffer capacity of "1000"

                for (String group : processorGroupListProperty) {
                    eventProcessingConfigurer.registerTrackingEventProcessor (group, c -> kafkaMessageSource);


for every consume message about 5 s we need

It should be a lot faster, and I don’t see anything in the configuration that might explain the slowness. Can you create a flame graph so we know what is causing the slowness? How do you measure it’s 5s?