Where are all the implementation classes for the query related interfaces in Axon-trader?


I’m trying to understand how the query part of an CQRS-based application is working (Axon), and thought that Axon-trader would give me some insight:) I can find a lot of interfaces (UserQueryRepository, CompanyQueryRepository, OrderBookQueryRepository, PortfolioQueryRepository, TradeExecutedQueryRepository, TransactionQueryRepository) which relates to queries. They all extends PagingAndSortingRepository, but I can’t find any of the implementations, I assume I’m not paying close enough attention to the code somehow:) Can anyone tell me where they are?
And I assume that since the Axon-trader is using Mongo as it’s underlying persistence mechanism, that the query implementation classes will make use of http://www.axonframework.org/apidocs/1.2/org/axonframework/eventstore/mongo/MongoEventStore.html and/or http://www.axonframework.org/apidocs/2.0/org/axonframework/eventstore/management/EventStoreManagement.html to get the events needed to return what the specific query require.

Am I on the right page? :slight_smile:

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Hi Viggo,

the sample uses Spring data, which allows repositories to be defined simply by creating an interface. The method name defines what Spring data needs to do.

The query part of a CQRS based application is not much different from any other application. Although it’s generally just faster ;-). Simply return DTO’s (preferably read only) from your queries.

Hope this helps.