What is the purpose to send command to synapse?

My application do this:

  1. On call of REST entry point, send the command to Synapse
  2. Synapse call me back with the command message
  3. Process the command message, eventually emitting events

Why not simply do this:

  1. On call of REST entry point, process the command, eventually emitting events (without going through synapse for the command)

Hello @domschoen! Thanks for posting your question.
I have to admit, in your case it seems a bit much to do it in this way. The command part is more meant to send commands from your serverless applications with synapse to Axon Framework JAva applications, in order to bridge the gap, and without having to build REST endpoints in your Axon Framework Java application.

In your case, you could indeed just publish the events. As it would be simpler, that would be my prefered approach as well.