What is the difference between Axon Framework and Lagom/Akka Frameworks?

Hi Team,
I just started exploring Axon.
The features for Axon seems to be very similar to Lightbend technologies like Lagom or Akka Frameworks. However I would like to now the differences between them?
how are DDD, CQRS, EventSourcing, Reactive Microservice Architectures followed by Axon different than Lightbend or other framweorks like fractallio?
It will be great to know the difference and and get some insights for these fframeworks…

Hi @Pankaj_Shet, and welcome to the forum!

From that perspective, I think you can benefit from this blog post we published a couple of months ago.
It describes the differences between Axon Framework and Akka are.
In short, Akka uses the Actor model throughout to react to messages, where Axon places the three message types (commands, events, and queries) upfront to impose a thorough Location Transparency.

I, however, recommend you read the blog post regardless.
A single sentence explaining the difference just doesn’t do it justice.

I don’t have anything at hand for Lagom, sadly.
To provide a similar blog post of the same level, somebody on AxonIQ’s end should build a Lagom application to understand where the differences lie.
Valuable, but not high on our prioritization list.

Thus I hope somebody else in this community might share those specifics with you.

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Thanks a lot for this…will check the blog Steven