What is stored in the event store?

A short but important question especially related to the GPDR. Does Axon store commands and/or queries while using the corresponding CommandGateway and QueryGateway in the event store like it does with events?

The docs insinuate it does:

By logging the command, you store both the intent and the related data for future reference…


Hi Kurt,

The good news is that Axon does not store every command or query. What is meant here is if you register a command or query by implementing a command or a query handler you store the intent and the (meta)data that is needed to execute that command, or the data that is part of the response of the query. This piece is in our legacy documentation, you can find our latest documentation here.

I hope that answers your question,


Hi Yvonne, thanks for answering. I don’t understand entirely what you mean or I might be confused.

So if I understand you correctly, only commands and queries having handlers associated with them store data… Doesn’t this mean all of them? What would otherwise be the use of sending commands/queries when there is nothing to process them…

Personal data should then not also be avoided/encrypted in events, but also in commands, queries and responses to queries? Does this mean that for example if a response to a query returns a full blown JPA entity, also this serialized entity will be stored in some kind of message format somewhere on the event store?


Hi Kurt,

Commands and Queries are not stored anywhere so there is no need to encrypt/decrypt.

Best, Yvonne

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