[Webinar] Inspector Axon : Knowing how your Axon Framework based application works!

We have been working on a tool to help the developers have a more precise view of what’s happening under the hood of an application developed using Axon Framework.

From monitoring to trying to see how messages move and how the whole system works, Inspector Axon is here to help us know and improve our applications built on top of Axon Framework.

Now you have the chance to see Inspector Axon in action in our upcoming “Empowering Axon Framework with Inspector Axon” Webinar scheduled for May, 3rd, 2023 at 16 CEST / 10 AM EDT.

You can save your seat by registering here


You may have already heard about Inspector Axon when Sara Torrey invited Mitchel Herrijgers in this “Exploring Axon” Podcast.

hey @david.gomez - I missed it - will there be a link available for those of us who what to watch it on demand?

You can watch the recording on YouTube.

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I get a 404 when I try to reach the auction example: github.com/AxonIO/auction-house-axon-observability-demo

Can you confirm and provide a fix?

Seems we made a typo somewhere. This is the correct link. Did you get it from the YouTube show notes?

Did a screenshot of the last slide. Wouldn‘t even call that „shownotes“ :slight_smile:

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