Waiting for axon server to be ready


I start my application by using a docker compose file, which first starts axon server and then my application (which connects to the axon server).

Since the axon server takes some time to start, I check the state of the channel in order to make sure it is connected. When using axon server 2.4.1, I checked this with the method underneath, which is used from an Awaitility predicate in order to wait:

private static boolean isConnected(final AxonServerConnectionManager axonServerConnectionManager) {
  ConnectivityState state = ConnectivityState.CONNECTING;
  try {
    //TODO Fix connection check, worked in previous axon server version
    state = ((ManagedChannel) axonServerConnectionManager.getChannel()).getState(false);
  } catch (Exception e) {
    LOGGER.info("Waiting for axonServer, state: {}", state);
    return true;

  return (state == ConnectivityState.IDLE) || (state == ConnectivityState.READY);

Although it required some casting to specific classes it did the job. In the latest axon server 2.4.2 however I get a cast exception.

My question is, what is the proper way of waiting until the axon server is ready to take connections?

Hi All,

I’am now performing a http get on the ${axonserver}]/actuator/health endpoint, which gives back the proper status…