Using the DistributedCommandBus with JGroups

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I have been trying to follow section 3.6 of the Axon user guide, “Distributing the Command Bus”, but to no avail. I am using the Spring Framework and thus the JGroupsConnectorFactoryBean. The JGroupsConnector never finds other members of the cluster; it prints that it is connecting to the cluster, but then each individual machine running the software seems to makes a cluster of one with itself and commands are not distributed. I’ve tried several XML files to configure JGroups to find each other, but no luck there. I have used the McastReceiverTest and McastSenderTest provided by JGroups to verify that my networking between machines using IP multicast is functional.

Does anyone have a working example of a configuration for the DistributedCommandBus with the JGroupsConnector they can share, including the XML file for JGroups configuration?

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Hi James,

JGroups is easy when it works. Until then, it’s another story.
There is a sample in the Axon sources:

The xml file used is here:

Note that IPv6 doesn’t always work. Setting the system property: at startup helped for me.

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How should one configure the IP addresses? In particular:


<TCPGOSSIP initial_hosts="[12001]" timeout="1500"/>

Do these configuration values vary across machines?


It reminds my difficulties with configuration.

I outlined some messy but working examples (progressively extended from quickstart by copying-and-pasting):

Hi James,

I’ve recently published a small Axon + JGroups + Docker demo here:

Note: this demo is based on the latest 3.0 milestone.