Using QueryHandling with axon:axonserver:enabled = false and axon:distributed:enabled: true

hi team,

is there any example how to configure DistributedQueryBus as i am disabling axon server for using DistributedCommandBus for Spring Cloud Routing.

how to configure QueryGateway to fire Query with axon server disabled.?


Hi Siddua,

There currently isn’t a DistributedQueryBus implementation out there, as can be seen through this issue.
Reasoning behind the fact this is still outstanding, is because Axon Server provides a perfectly fine distributed query bus too.
And, you can use Axon Server for free as well, by using the Standard edition.

Granted, it doesn’t give you a fault tolerant solution in all scenarios.
But, the work required to build a DistributedQueryBus based on other technologies (like JGroups or Spring Cloud Discovery) far exceeds the time AxonIQ currently has.
There has been a community contribution for the DistributedQueryBus, but he opted against building it once he noticed the amount of effort to make all of the features work.

Trusting this gives you the required information you need Siddu!


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