Using Axon Framework without AxonServer


Can I use Axon Framework without using AxonServer? If yes, is it advisable?


it is possible to use id without, you need to configure:

  • Event bus (like RabbitMQ, Kafka or other. Not sure but it might work even with Spring event bus)
  • Event store
  • Saga store

And exclude axon-server-connector from the project dependencies

Maybe some more actions need to be taken. Not aware yet since we havent started yet by getting rid of the Axonserver


just excluding the axon-server-connector from your Axon dependency is all you need. In that case, the behavior is exactly as you’re used to with Axon 3, even when using Spring Boot.

Axon will run fine without Axon server. It has been doing that for years. Axon Server does provide a lot of useful features when it comes to transparent scaling and routing.

Hope this helps.