Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.4


First a lesson learned while upgrading from 4.2 to 4.4. With version 4.3 the docker base image moved to a distroless version. With this version the paths for /eventdata and /data are changed. Make sure to adapt your docker volume mapping accordingly or you will start with a brand new eventstore and will not have access to your old events.

Right, now the question. We are using the command line tool to register our admin user. This worked fine with 4.2, but now somehow fails.

java -jar /home/noh/bitbucket/axon-server-se/axonserver-cli/target/axonserver-cli-4.4.1-SNAPSHOT-exec.jar register-user -i -S https://localhost:8024 -u wgp_admin2 -p wgp_admin -r ADMIN -t aabb1234

results in:

Error processing command ‘register-user’ on ‘https://localhost:8024/v1/users’: HTTP/1.1 403 - {“timestamp”:1597648448341,“status”:403,“error”:“Forbidden”,“message”:“Forbidden”,“path”:"/v1/users"}

Thanks, Norbert
Attached is a screenshot of axonserver.properties


Hi Norbert,

The behaviour you described is already fixed by this PR but not yet released. You can keep an eye on our release page to know better when it will happen.

But regarding the problem, the workaround is to start AxonServer without AccessControl enabled, create the desired admin-user and then restart AxonServer with AccessControl enabled.
Hope it helps!

Lucas Campos

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the swift reply. Will keep an eye on the release page.

Regards, Norbert