Tutorials for connecting Angular web service to Axon Server?

I’d like to deploy my UI from Angular, and it needs to connect with the Axon Server, putting commands on the command bus. Are there any tutorials out there describing how to make a call from javascript/Typescript to the command gateway? What does the API look like?

To be clear, my communication path looks like this:

browser <–> web server (Angular) <-------h-e-l-p–n-e-e-d-e-d–h-e-r-e--------> Axon Server <–> backend services

Any help is appreciated.


I believe your <-------h-e-l-p–n-e-e-d-e-d–h-e-r-e--------> is a java based http api. Something like spring boot using a RestAPI which is responsible for producing the commands. handling the events, and updating your projections.


At this time, Axon Framework is only available on the JVM.


Hi Jonathan, Ben,

Ben’s point is right, Axon Framework is only available on the JVM.
The Axon Server API however is gRPC based, and you could thus connect to it in any language where you can use gRPC.

By the way, the Axon Server API can be found here.
I am currently not aware of any tutorial showing you how to do this from JavaScript/Angular; you’d be somewhat of a pioneer, afaik.

That’s my two cents.


Ben and Steven,

These are really good answers. For now, we’ll use Spring Boot, and as necessary we’ll reference the grpc api docs to call Axon Server services from other languages.

Thank you!


I read somewhere that the Server API is also available in HTTP1.1 with JSON. Is that true? If so, is there documentation on those JSON structures?

Hi Jonathan,

You should be able to view the exact structure of the JSON on the Swagger page, as referenced on the Ref. Guide here.

Hope this helps!