TrackingEventProcessor DB Connection lost

Hi all!

I use Docker containers to run my app. The axon app is in its own container as well as the DB. And I use TrackingEventProcessor. When the container with the DB is stopped, but axon is still running, the TrackingEventProcessor stops with “Processing loop ended due to uncaught exception. Processor stopping.” because it can’t read from DB anymore.

How would you suggest to handle that situation?

Do I need to check periodically if TrackingEventProcessors are stopped and restart them?


Hi Bernhard,

at the moment, there is an issue with “restarting” the processor. This has been addressed in 3.0.3 (which is to be released soon).

But I will also have a look at the processor to make it handle “db unavailable” situations more gracefully.



Thanks Allard. Looking forward to the 3.0.3 release.

Hi Bernhard,

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the “Processing loop ended due to uncaught exception. Processor stopping” scenario on DB failure. Could you share the exception that you also get in the log statement?