Tracing documentation/resources

On the tracing extension Github page it states:

The reference guide chapter to cover this extension is currently work in progress.

Could someone please point to any resource/documentation which is available right now?

Preferably if there are any open source codebases or if there is a repo with the (beta) version of the reference guide which is yet to be published.

I would like to experiment and would appreciate a heads up on available resources.


this is the page where the configuration of the tracing extension will be provided.

If you’re on Spring boot, then adding these dependencies is likely to be the only thing you need to do.
Otherwise, check out the interceptors and Gateway classes provided in the Jar. The source code is merely 9 classes, so they won’t be hard to find.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Allard,

I found this blog post:
And the associated codebase:

These resources were very useful to experiment with how a working project should look.
Hopefully these links also come in handy for anyone else searching for information.