Token entry table

In token entry table,owner value alway null to the processor. What is the reason?

I would assume the owner column of a token in your token_entry table is only null whenever your application is not running or when there are insufficient threads to pick up the token(s), @Vignesh_R.

This follows from the fact that an application that isn’t running nor as threads available cannot actively handle events. Added, a StreamingEventProcessor, the component using those tokens, by nature requires a token to process events.

Hence a null owner column means nothing is actively processing events, one way or another.

Side note, I could deduce the question you have here.
But I’d like to ask you to be more complete in your description and title.
Based on the title, your question could be a million things.
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Furthermore, short descriptions might make people reluctant to provide guidance, as you’re not giving sufficient guidance either.

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