Throughput and performance of axon server

Hi all,

Our team is deciding to rewrite our trading engine. We are currently looking into axon as a framework as it provides us with auditable events, better state management, and the replay feature helps alot with debugging production issues. However, performance comes to mind, as the SLA with the brokers require our application to handle risk calculations + order execution in ~ 10ms. Worse case is 100ms Can we achieve these numbers using axon server as an event store and a router to route commands to multi clustered instances of our engine? Also, it would be great if you can point me to any resource which dive’s deeper into the internal workings of axon server :slight_smile:


Hello David, sorry for the late reply. Is it possible to schedule a quick technical call and discuss your situation? We can share our experience and best practices with you and give you more inside in Axon Server. Good idea?