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I am using SpringAMQPMessage source to listen to queue and able to get message from there but I need to store that in mongo repository and as that message is in form of
(Body:’[B@65bf4f14(byte[441])’ MessageProperties [headers={}, timestamp=null, messageId=null, userId=null, receivedUserId=null, appId=null, clusterId=null, type=null, correlationId=null, correlationIdString=null, replyTo=null, contentType=null, contentEncoding=null, contentLength=0, deliveryMode=null, receivedDeliveryMode=PERSISTENT, expiration=null, priority=null, redelivered=false,,, receivedDelay=null, deliveryTag=1, messageCount=0, consumerTag=amq.ctag-Ls9gmHB_AKf0GbvcbhD6lA, consumerQueue=queue.customer.query.request])

where body contains the real message that I want to store in mongo repository.
Can you please suggest how can I do that.

The message you’re describing here is the AMQP Message. The SpringAMQPMessageSource converts this message to an Axon EventMessage. It implements the “SubscribableMessageSource” interface, which basically allows you to subscribe to all events using the subscribe method. That method will give you Axon’s EventMessages, which give easy access to the payload of your events.