There suddenly is a second *.snapshots file which prevents the server from starting


I just wanted to restore a backup and start our AxonServer with it. It refuses to start with this message:

We’re on version 4.2.4 btw.

I just found out that this is caused by a second *.snapshots file being there, that was never there before until in this latest backup. So now I have:


Both have the same size (256MB) but not the same content/checksum.

When I delete the new snapshots file, AxonServer starts fine. But CAN I simply delete this file?


a fix for this issue was included in version 4.3.3, so simply upgrading to either of those should help.

Bert Laverman

Yeah, well, then we end up in the other thread :wink: Unable to start AxonServer 4.4.1 with backup

I was hoping to be able to get it up and running while staying on 4.2.4.

Could you quickly explain what the purpose of that new snapshots file is? Do we need both? Which one is “the right one”? Why does it not have corresponding *.sindex and *.sbloom files like the old one has? questions over questions :wink:

The index and bloom files are created for all but the “current” file, and help AxonServer quickly find individual events and snapshots. The current one is “the one being written to”, so AxonServer has it open and can use it directly. If a new snapshot file has been created, than the previous one was full.