Test environnement to work with Axon server multiple context

Hi guys,

We working now on Axon Server and Axon Framework on local machine. We using Axon docker image for testing command,Event etc… But we need to test multiple context interaction. There a way to get Axon server enterprise (Docker,trial) for testing Multi-context on local machine ?

Hi Dominic,

I would like to point you to the blog post https://axoniq.io/blog-overview/running-axon-server-in-docker

Please scroll down to the " Differences with Axon Server EE" section. It is demonstrating docker-compose setup to Axon Server EE that you should be able to run locally. You can also find a backing Github repo here: https://github.com/AxonIQ/running-axon-server/tree/master/2-docker/3-docker-compose-ee


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You can request Axon Server Enterprise trial license here.

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