Synapse quick start

Hi, I’m trying to follow the Synapse quick start here Send Messages With Postman

I noticed on the guide, the postman payloads are in XML, but the application actually handles JSON. I manage to change it and issue a card, but then I’m getting this error by calling FetchCardSummariesQuery

    "path": "/v1/contexts/default/queries/io.axoniq.demo.giftcard.api.FetchCardSummariesQuery",
    "code": "AXONIQ-0001",
    "error": "org.axonframework.queryhandling.NoHandlerForQueryException: No handler found for [io.axoniq.demo.giftcard.api.FetchCardSummariesQuery] with response type [InstanceResponseType{class java.lang.Object}]",
    "requestId": "acad05d3-129",
    "timestamp": "2023-11-06T10:17:33.726+00:00",
    "status": 500

The giftcard application has an endpoint to return the list of gift cards


I think the issue is how this tutorial is written, I think what is missing here is to link the Synapse QueryHandler with the giftcard endpoint

Adopting Axon with other language or frameworks different that SpringBoot it’s crucial to make Axon grows. It would be nice to have a proper tutorial on how to integrate Synapse with other languages or Java frameworks like Quarkus, Micronaut, etc.

Can you share the payload and headers you used? It seems like some headers, like the AxonIQ-ResponseType are not set. Maybe this example project which uses Synapse to add a GraphQL endpoint in typescript, might also help to better understand how Axon Framework applications and applications using Synapse can be combined.

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I see the issue, is because I’m not adding this header “AxonIQ-ResponseCardinality:multiple”

As soon I added it works

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