Support for other runtimes

As you all probably know, Axon Framework works easy with Spring Boot. Most of the components have auto configuration, and even most extension have auto configuration modules which via starters make them easy to use.

But this is only available for Spring Boot. If you are using Micronaut or Quarkus you need to so some configuration yourself. This can be quite a lot, as can be seen in this Quarkus example. But I wonder for how useful it would be to add support for either Microprofile or Micronaut. Now Spring Boot 3 made native compilation easier, I’m not sure there will be many users of either Quarkus or Micronaut in the near future.

Something else we don’t really support yet is Kotlin coroutines. While Kotlin itself can be used with Spring Boot, subscriptions is something else. It is something we can improve through, and I did experiment with a coroutine event processor. I’m sure we could do more, but also in this case, I wonder how much interest there is.

This thread is mostly for discussion, so no promises. I do like to hear any reason for improving support for other runtimes.