subscribe for query

From the webinar 3.2 I got the impresion that it is possible to subscribe to the results of a query handler so you get an automatic push update when results change.
I do not find any code/docs supporting this impression.
Did I get it wrong? It is not yet implemented? Or am I just too stupid to find it?


Dear Jan

Subscription query feature is scheduled for release 3.3. Stay tuned!


Ah, cool … so I am not stupid :slight_smile: I just read what I wanted to read … thanks Milan.

BTW: If we are now entering the world of observables and subscriptions: do you plan to integrate with the reactive patterns (flow, rx, mono/flux, …) … could an axon command-aggregate-event component play nicely with a webflux/reactive app?

Dear Jan,

I’m glad you asked :slight_smile: This is definitely on our road map, we are still discussing which path to take here. For now, Java9 Flow API looks like the way to go. This feature also goes nicely with Spring5 WebFlux. As the matter a fact, while I was building subscription query, I’ve created an example project together with Spring5 WebFlux to see how it’ll work out. There is a plan for a blog post together with code examples on this subject after we release 3.3 version.


Well I guess what Java 9 “flow” adopted is is the common RX Api RXJava and Project Reactor agreed on.
So you could support it without requiring Java 9.

Really looking forward to this feature, please share progress and let me help if possible!

Yes, that is correct. But the decision has to be made whether we want to add dependency to Reactor / RXJava or simply support the API once we migrate to Java9.