Status of metrics.


We enabled to axon-metric module, but do not see the axon metrics in the actuator /metrics endpoint.
Now Referring to this thread:

Is this something which will be taken upon in the Axon framework, or do I need to do something to get the metrics ?

Rgds Christophe

Apparently it’s not supported and won’t work out of the box.

Any plans for the Axonframework to support Micrometer based metrics instead of Dropwizard?

This issue:
states that just adding Spring boot actuator dependency does it, but that is clearly not the case.

Shall I log a new issue ?

Thank You, Christophe

Hi Christophe,

Yes, we definitely have, and it is underway by Marijn van Zelst in this PR.
The current axon-metrics module works just fine if you’re using a Spring Boot version below 2.0 by the way.

I am assuming this new module will be a part of release 4.1, which we’ll likely release somewhere mid February.
For now, you could pull his changes locally if you’d need that fix asap of course!