Springbased microservices (using axon framework) not able to access axon server deployed with in same namespace in AWS EKS cluster

I have my axon server running in the AWS EKS region. Also my springboot based microservices running in the same region within same namespace (as axon server), but microservices are not able access the default port 8124 of axon server during startup and fails with below error…

INFO 1 — [dd586f8-cdnmq-0] i.a.a.c.impl.AxonServerManagedChannel : Requesting connection details from :8124

WARN 1 — [dd586f8-cdnmq-0] i.a.a.c.impl.AxonServerManagedChannel : Connecting to AxonServer node [:8124] failed: NOT_FOUND: [AXONIQ-1302] default: not found in any replication group

My axon server’s service is exposed at port 8124 already.

Has the node been initialized?

It’s complaining that the “default” context can’t be found in any of the replication groups. Perhaps the node has only been started, and is awaiting instructions on whether to join an existing cluster or initialize itself as the first node.

The easiest way to do this, is in the UI (on port 8024). You can also set an environment variable to automatically initialize the node on first startup: AXONIQ_AXONSERVER_STANDALONE=true, or set it as a property in the axonserver.properties file: axoniq.axonserver.standalone=true

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Hi Allard,

Thanks so much for quick help. Adding the property in properties file worked out well… I really appreciate your timely help in this matter.
BIG THANKS Again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: