Snapshotting of Events doesn't improves performance

Hi team,
I have implemented snapshotting for my Aggregates by configuring EmbeddedEvnetStore Configuration for MongoDB. (Keeping snapshot serializer Default i.e. XStream)

  return MongoEventStorageEngine.builder()

Now, Snapshots are created fine, but for a new command still replaying the previous events. And because of that, In EventSourcinghandler there is a logic that executes for previous events to rebuild the state of an Aggregate. It takes time for execution.

    public void on(final GroupCreatedEvt evt)
            throws InvalidProtocolBufferException {

        this.cmId = evt.getId();
        final GroupCreated groupCreated = ProtoSerDer.fromJsonToProtoBuf(
                evt.getGroupCreated(), GroupCreated.class).orElseThrow();;

Shouldn’t a new command rebuilds the state from the created snapshots?
It seems, when applying a new event it replays the events from the domain events.
Then what is the significance of snapshotting?
Is there any further configuration required for utilizing snapshots?

Already handled here.

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