Snapshots in Axon 4.0

Trying to using in @Configuration this config:

public SnapshotTriggerDefinition mySnapshotTriggerDefinition(
Snapshotter snapshotter) {
return new EventCountSnapshotTriggerDefinition(snapshotter, 500);

But always saying that:


Parameter 0 of method mySnapshotTriggerDefinition in com.giftcard.AppConfiguration required a bean of type ‘org.axonframework.eventsourcing.Snapshotter’ that could not be found.


Consider defining a bean of type ‘org.axonframework.eventsourcing.Snapshotter’ in your configuration.

Hi Gustavo,

I am not entirely sure what you’re trying to point out with your message here.

Is this a recommendation for others that they should define a Snapshotter instance if they want to create a SnapshotTriggerDefinition for their aggregates?
Is this a question on how to get snapshotting working?
Of is this in your opinion a bug you’ve encountered in Axon 4?

If you could elaborate a little, that would be much appreciated.