Should axon server really "We strongly encourage you to update to the latest Axon Server version, as soon as possible." when I am on the dot-2 release?

If I remember the LTS versioning concept correctly, jumping from dot-2 release to dot-2-release is the least exciting but sensitive upgrade strategy …

But my local (SE) edition strongly encourages me to move to the dot-0 release. Imho, the message could be bit less demanding, at least for the LTS releases (or be configurable).

Customers, unexperienced team members and the ops team could get nervous when I tell them that is is totally safe and intended not to upgrade when the blinking red warning sign tells them otherwise.

Your thoughts?

Which dot-2 release are you on, and which one is it suggesting to move to?

As far as I am aware, we just released our first-ever .2 release, being 2023.2, and there have been no releases since then. Yet :slight_smile:

Ah. Then maybe I remembered the LTS versioning concept incorrectly … we are on 2023.1.2 (dot-2) and are strongly encouraged to move to 2013.2.0 …

So for LTS, I have to got to 2013.2.0?

Then my question was kind of stupid. Still there might be some value in considering the blinking red triangle for moving away from LTS …

With dot-2 version, we do indeed mean the minor releases, e.g. 2023.2 or 2024.2.

Questions are never stupid. Answers can be :wink:

And people :slight_smile: