Serializer with Jackson

Hello Guys I use axon-framework 4.7.5 and spring-boot 3.1.0
this is application.yml
messages: jackson
events: jackson
general: jackson

I try to serialize message, events, and general success but when I start QueryHandler return this error org.axonframework.axonserver.connector.query.AxonServerQueryDispatchException: Unable to serialize object
after fetching data from database, Anyone can help me to resolve it

Could you share the entire stacktrace? That will probably contain a clue of the cause of the serialization error.

I try to serialize failed with jackson but when I remove it, my app works well but need to serialize and make good Configuration of the Event Store with Spring and store eventStore via MongoDB becuase I am new for that

I see. But for anyone to be able to help fix the problem, we’d need to figure out what’s happening first. And for that, the stacktrace is probably the thing that will provide the most valuable information.

Hello I am using latest version (4.7) of axon framework, axon server and spring boot (3.1) need to store (Create database) EventStore in MongoDB and do all safe anyone can help me, no experience I have

@KingEzechias, as Allard points out, we need to better understand the problem you are facing.

Whenever you run your application, you point out you receive the following exception:

org.axonframework.axonserver.connector.query.AxonServerQueryDispatchException: Unable to serialize object

That is, however, only one line of your entire stack trace.

If you want us to provide you guidance, we need to get the entire stack trace.
Not just the last sentence containing AxonServerQueryDispatchException.
Only with that full set of information will we be able to comprehend where in Axon’s code base things are going amiss.