Security experts from Cyberoam, Novell, Wipro, IBM all at one place @Security Conf (April 9th, Mumbai)

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The Conference will address the challenges and issues at the forefront
of enterprise security. The conference brings together practitioners,
professionals, and others interested in the latest advances in the
security of computer systems and networks. Today ’s changing security
landscape means you can’t leave anything to chance.. And new threats
have kept you on your toes. We have 9 exciting technical sessions,
delivered by Security experts. Learn what are some more of the
unsettling things that need to be addressed?

Sessions on:

A New Security Blueprint

Insider Threat: Identifying Your Insider

Real Security for Server Virtualization

Securing the Virtual Infrastructure

The Truth is on the Wire: Event Analysis and Routine Monitoring Using
Network Traffic

The Changing Face of Endpoint Security

Attacking and Defending SSL VPNs

Network Access Technology: How to Manage Your IT Infrastructure

Responding to a Wireless Attack on Your Network

Intelligent Workload Management: Addressing Security & Identity

You'll get the answers to these and many more questions at the

-What must I know about the evolving technologies of information
security and
related disciplines?

-How do I become a more effective security professional?

-How do I technically secure applications, or handle security for my
industry specific requirements?

-What is my career path within or outside my current company/agency?

-How can I communicate my value to the business more effectively?


Vaidyanathan Iyer, Sales Leader, IBM Security Solutions

Abhilash Sonwane, Sr. Vice President, Cyberoam

Vijay Mahajani, Sr. Manager, Wipro Consulting Services

Tejas Lagad, Director of Product Management, BFSI, Nexus Technology

K. K. Mookhey, Principal Consultant, Network Intelligence India

Shreeraj Shah, Director, Blueinfy & SecurityExposure

Kartik Shinde, Senior Manager - Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Jaimon Jose Distinguished Engineer, Novell Inc

DATE: April 9th, 2011 (Saturday)
TIME: 9.00 AM to 5 PM
VENUE: Ms Subbu Lakshmi Auditorium,Plot - H, Bhaudaji Road
Extention,Behind King Geogre Railway Station,South Indian Education
Society,Sion West, Mumbai - 2

We have limited Seats. Attendance is limited to maintain an intimate
setting and foster dialogue among all participants.

To register, please visit: and complete the
form . There is a registration fee of Rs 500 only. This is towards:
Access to Sessions, Tea/ Coffee & Refreshments and Lunch.

We will also encourage you to pass on this note to your colleagues so
that they could benefit from this conference. Please note: You may
also ask your organization/ manager to sponsor you and your colleagues
to attend this exciting conference.

Security Conference 2011 provides an excellent opportunity to meet and
network with delegates in a professional learning environment whilst
demonstrating your commitment to community and the industry.

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