Secure events between two contexts

We have two applications with axon server, each application run in a different context

the inventory application sends events to the booking application, so we added the below config in the booking application

public void configure(EventProcessingConfigurer configurer, EventStore eventStore) {
    if (eventStore instanceof AxonServerEventStore) {
                it -> MultiStreamableMessageSource.builder()
                        .addMessageSource(BOOKING, ((AxonServerEventStore) eventStore).createStreamableMessageSourceForContext(BOOKING))
                        .addMessageSource(INVENTORY, ((AxonServerEventStore) eventStore).createStreamableMessageSourceForContext(INVENTORY))

in our case each application has its team, and the events are visible to the two teams, so my question is there a config i can add to the inventory application so that the booking application recieves only events that i choose.