Searching for public packaged Axon application

Hi everyone,

is anyone aware of a public packaged Axon application?

I need some application as one or multiple jar files. Unfortunately the source code is not sufficient. I need the byte code. :grinning:

Unfortunately, all the public available Axon applications are not packaged, so one needs to build them by oneself.

Thanks for any hints!


Hi @Oliver_Libutzki,

Quite interesting request I have to say haha
It’s easily doable for some personal projects by just storing the generated artefacts during the build phase but… can I ask you why you need this? I am curious about it =)


I work on a library which extracts the application’s building blocks and relationships between them from the byte code and creates an architecture model.

This model can be used to generate a textual and/or graphical documentation.

Axon has well-identifiable building blocks because of the explicit annotations (Aggregate, CommandHandler, EventHandler,…) and therefore Axon based applications are a good verification test case for the library.

The library is not public yet, but that’s gonna change when it’s in an appropriate state. Especially docs and some examples (that’s why I ask) are missing so far.

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I finally managed to release a first version of archifacts. In this blog post you can find some additional information.


Very nice @Oliver_Libutzki, thanks for sharing that!

I will try to play with that a bit on some personal Axon projects I have!
It would be nice to include an axon-example there =)