Schema registry with kafka

i want to use schema registry

but i don’t know how to configure

can anyone know example code?

I don’t know of any example. Might I ask why you want to use schema registry?
There are a couple things you need to take care of:

  • Add the correct deprndency, depending on the format.
  • Run an instance of schema registry, easy with docker.
  • Add configuration, at least the schema.registry.url needs to be added.
  • Add a Kafka Converter (Axon) that works with the chosen format.
  • Depending on format, probably create a schema for de data used.

@gklijs because of event management, i want to use schema registry.
i don’t want to use multi-module with query, command, common module.
i want to make separate project (query, command) and manage event in schema registry.

adding configuration is difficult step. schema.registry.url not working in axon.

It should be, there is a slot for additional configuration, just like with Spring-Kafka. So you need some properties than the actual property and value. That should than be passed on to the Kafka Java Client.
You also need to change the serializer of the consumer and producer.

Please also consider using just a separate API module, with pojo’s for separation. It’s much easier and more default to Axon Framework. For example like here.

@gklijs thank you quick reply!

i added under properties!
i think i have to make custom serialzer.

thank you to recommand other code!