Scatter Gather and multiple query handlers within the same process

Hi. Although I’m using the Axon Server, I think my question belongs to the Framework.
I have a micro service with n query handlers listening for the same payload type and returning the same response type. They just collect data differently. And, most important, the query handlers do not have a queryName!
When I perform a scatter gather, each of the n query handlers is called n times. I would have expected that each one is called exactly one time.
This does not happen if the query handlers live in different micro services.

Why is that? And what can I do to solve this? Using queryNames solves the problem of course, be then the client performing the scatterGather would have to know about the queryNames.

Please help me out here!

Best regards,

Hi Erik,

which version of Axon Framework do you use? It sounds like you’ve hit, which was addressed in Axon Framework 4.4.6.



Yeah right, was 4.4.5. Will update to 4.4.7 and recheck.

Thanks a lot!