Sample program to create, update and delete the same aggregate

Can you please provide a sample program to create, update and delete the same aggregate.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid i cannot do that.

Please visit it has examples how to start with axon, also it would be beneficial for you to research on DDD concepts on the aggregates to understand properly what you mean by creting, updating and deleting an Aggregate.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have a sample on GitHub you can check out. It is a work in progress, but currently it implements a simple user profile. It also provides a working example of an oath2 resource server and adapts subscription queries to html5 server sent events, with a 15 second heartbeat. It has some experimental stuff too. For example, I'm persisting materialized views as json in postgres. Maybe it's helpful?

You can take a look at these provided by Axon team:



I also recommend looking at my app which is a fork of the “simple” I linked above, you can go through each commit and run it, take the journey in migration Spring MVC to Axon