Saga vs BPM engines like jBPM or Activiti

does anyone have experience or a list of pros/cons for picking either saga or an BPM engine for contolling/running a business process?
In my eyes it seems like both could be used.

Hi Viggo,

I have heard of people that they were planning to use a BPM engine as a Saga implementation. I’m sure it should work fine, but I haven’t had any feedback from someone who really did so.
When designing your BPM process, make sure you can cope with Events not arriving “in order”. Something can always happen in a distributed environment that causes Events to overtake eachother.



I haven't really made up my mind yet,it's up to me to decide:)
It just felt like a compelling idea to draw the business process from within a BPM designer tool like Activiti designer, and let each step implement a Java task which send commands to Axon to keep all events related to a business process like i.e a process for a purchase order