Saga Associations with Entities and Aggregates


I have a Multi-Entity Aggregate set-up. I have some sagas associated with aggregates and others with entities. Those associated with entities are prone to failure - unhandled saga events, specifically.
Does axon allow for saga associations with entities, or is it limited only to Aggregate associations?

The documentation isn’t specific on this, as far as I know.

Kahiga was Kiguru.

Yes that should work.
Did you maybe forget to associate the other property, with something like:

SagaLifecycle.associateWith("validateDelayedId", validateDelayedId);

I’m also a bit confused about the distinction you make between aggregates and other entities. For saga’s it will act on any event. It will then check if it need to start a saga for that event, of if there are event handlers for existing saga’s.

Maybe in your case the event to create the saga, comes before the event you think is missed.

Some other thing to take in mind, is that the event processor used for saga’s starts at the end by default. So if you add a new one during development, those will not trigger for existing events by default.