Saga associated with CorrelationKey ?

hi, want to ask, is saga manager also view the metadata for associate key in axon 2.5 ?

Hi Meong,

unfortunately, SagaManagers will only check for properties in the payload of a message.

It’s an interesting idea though. I’ll definitely evaluate it for Axon 3.



PS. I suppose you meant Axon 2.4.5?

hi Allard…

will wait in axon 3 then :slight_smile:

hi allard…

about this question… is there any guideline to make it check metadata to ?


currently, using meta data is not an option. The feature didn’t make it into 3.0.
For now, only properties defined as part of the message’s payload can be used as association values.

Even though technically it isn’t too hard to implement this, I am not sure if it makes sense conceptually. Meta data should be used to describe the context in which an event occurred. It shouldn’t describe the event itself.
Can you give an example of a situation where the meta data is used to associate a Saga with a domain concept?



Hi Allard,

In my saga, i need to send command to aggregate and interest published event by this aggregate… for make sure this event from my command i need to check correlationId…

my domain is onJournalDraftedSaga -> requestJournalNumber -> journalNumberIncreased

onJournalDraftedSaga need to wait journalNumberIncreased / journalFail with same correlationId

Valid point. I generally tend to add this kind of information in the payload, as it seems to be valuable domain specific data. But I can also imagine it feels a bit “made up” in certain cases.

I have an idea on how to implement this in Axon. I will create a ticket for it, and plan it for 3.1.