Run new projection until certain position


We need to fill a new tracking projection until a certain point in the event stream.
So we don’t need to project every event until the tail of the event stream.
Is there some way we can implement or configure this?

Second question:
An existing (tracking) projection name of the processing group doesn’t match the scope of the projection anymore.
Therefore, we want to rename the existing projection.
Is it sufficient to rename the value in the processing group annotation together with the corresponding records in the token entry table?

Hi Bram, there is nothing built into the framework for this. Through a MessageHandlerInterceptor you can check the timestamp of the event and ignore it if it’s too new. Despite thus filtering the event, the token will keep progressing like normal, sort of processing the events. Because of the interceptor your event is just not handled by the handler.

And yes! If you didn’t change the processing group <> processor mapping that should be sufficient. By default, processing groups are assigned a processor with the same name (and thus the same name in the token).