REST API documentation and/or Swagger-UI available?

Hey folks,

is Swagger-UI also available for AxonIQ Cloud? does not work… is there documentation of the REST API available somewhere?


Hi Stefan,
you can reach swagger-ui documentation at this endpoint

Just mind that it is a work in progress, and you will not find any line of documentation on the behavior of the APIs. We are sorry for that, but enhancing swagger-ui documentation is on our roadmap.
You could be interested in knowing that we are also working on a CLI tool to help teams with the automation of their project.

Thanks for expressing your interest in this.

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Hey Conrado,

thanks four your reply, that is working for me!

Another question: Is there a way to delete the EventStore (at least in AxonIQ cloud dev contexts) without removing the context itself and recreate all the application bindings and tokens?


that’s a good question indeed. And unfortunately no, for now, the only way to do that is the one that you described.

But this is a good feature request :wink: thanks for suggesting.
I will discuss it internally.