replay specific events


I am trying to implement replay (reset) logic where i pass aggregated id and sequence no and wanted to replay all event including and grater than sequence i passed as a input? is this possible? current implementation, replay all events belongs to a processing group which is kind of over kill, why you want to reply everything from day one or i might have misunderstood the replay logic in Axon.

Thanks for all your help in advance.


Hi Shraddha,

Replaying the whole store is a much heard use case, but replaying after a given point in time is as well.

To replay a given Tracking Event Processor at a given point in time, you can use the ‘TrackingEventProcessor#resetTokens(Function<StreamableMessageSource, TrackingToken> initialTrackingTokenSupplier)’ we just recently added to the framework.

Through that API you can specify what Tracking Token you want, within which you could thus specify a sequence number if that’s you’re preferred starting point.

You’ll have to update to our latest release, being 3.3, to use this function.

Hope this helps you out Shraddha!