Replay Processing Status

Hi folks,

is there a possibility to report the replay status of a subscribing processor group?
I believe I saw a discussion about this in the past, but can’t find any outcome of it.

Is it possible to access that via API? Is there a way to retrieve the current / total number of events?

I would like to create a prometheus gauge to see the progress of replay, since replay may last for several hours.

Knd regards,


Hi Simon,

The TrackingEventProcessor has a method “isCaughtUp” which indicates that the event processor is done replaying events (due to eventsourcing), but it does not guarantee that it is currently busy processing new events.

I use it to wait before firing some commands after a restart which create initial ‘master data’ for lookup purposes (e.g. Vat rates).



Hi Simon,

SubscribingEventProcessor doesn’t support replays, as it isn’t in control over the messages in receives. That’s why it doesn’t have the API.

As Frank mentioned, the TrackingEventProcessor does.