Replay does not work and TokenEntry Table is not generated by Axon

Hello there :slight_smile:

We would like to implement our own event processors and replay events on them.

Therefore we have implemented the replay by the following code:

class Replay(
    private val eventProcessingConfiguration: EventProcessingConfiguration
) {
    fun replay(name: String = "none") : String {
        if (name == "none") return "An replay processing Group must be defined."
        this.eventProcessingConfiguration.eventProcessor(name, {
        return "Replay done."

class ReplayController(private val replay: Replay) {
    fun doReplay(@PathVariable group: String) : ResponseEntity<*> {
        return ResponseEntity.ok(this.replay.replay(group))

Event Processors are added by annotation on event handlinc components.

open class Qualification protected constructor() {

    private lateinit var uuid: UUID

    companion object {
        fun create(uuid: UUID, title: String) : Qualification {
            val qualification = Qualification()
            AggregateLifecycle.apply(QualificationCreated(uuid, title))
            return qualification

    fun on(event: QualificationCreated) {
        this.uuid = event.uuid
interface QualificationProjection : Repository<QualificationDetails, String> {
    @Query("INSERT INTO Qualification (uuid, title) VALUES (:#{#qualificationCreated.uuid}, :#{#qualificationCreated.title})")
    fun write(qualificationCreated: QualificationCreated)

Our Problem is, that the replay does not have any effect. I have noticed, that the tables “tokenStore” and other (exept from domainevententry and snapshotevententry) are not generated by default. I had implemented them by myself, but this had no effect as well.

Have I missed any configuration/spring beans?