Replay and feature requests


While playing with the replay I’ve stumbled upon two limitations that seems pretty straightforward to get rid of and wanted to see what you have to say about them.

  1. With the current ReplayingCluster it is not possible perform partial replays, using the Criteria that is available in the EventStoreManagement interface. For the current event store that we are trying to perform replays from this is a crucial feature since going through all the events is practically impossible. For a faster archive, it would still be preferable to be able to do partial replays over just a short period of time to get estimates of a query. How about exposing
  • public CriteriaBuilder newCriteriaBuilder()
  • public Future startReplay(Executor executor, Criteria criteria)
  • public void startReplay(Criteria criteria)
    from ReplayingCluster as well?
  1. CursorBackedDomainEventStream insists on being able to deserialize everything, even if the the cluster you are replaying for does not care about that event. Why not simply ignore the UnknownSerializedTypeException there?


Hi Sebastian,

I can be really short about this: they are both very valid points, and also relatively simple to implement.
Could you enter these two requests as features in the issue tracker? I will schedule them for 2.1.



Excellent! : )

Will do.