Replacing rabbit mq with Kafka, is there any support for kafka in AxonFramework


We are trying to replace rabbitmq as a listener to events happening on command side to kafka,Is there any support for the same, like we had for rabbitmq.


Hi Arjun,

The Axon Framework currently does not have any support for Kafka as a means to get messages from one application to another.

There is an issue/feature_request for it on the Axon Framework GitHub page, although the title of that issue is somewhat misleading.

We are, as Allard points out, not planning to introduce a Event Storage Engine based on Kafka to store events.

Introducing a Message Source implementation, like you’re requesting here, does however seem reasonable.

We have not planned when this will be introduced though.

You’re of course always more than welcome to provide a PR which introduced such a Message Source into the framework!

Hope this clarifies this.