Replace rest operation with Webclient in Distributed command bus


I was looking to scale our distributed command bus and have replaced restOperation with Webclient of sprint webFlux.

Does it make sense to put this in our springcloud extension?


Hi Vineet,

I am not entirely certain what your request is right now.
Are you talking about replacing the current REST solution in the Axon Spring Cloud Extension to be based on WebFlux?
Thus, in more detail, provide a new CommandBusConnector implementation.

As far as issue creation or the providing of pull requests go, you are obviously free to share or suggest new things over there.
Simply create an issue on the GitHub page here and we can discuss it there further.

Short answer by the way: I don’t think it’s weird at all to provide another solution next to the current SpringHttpCommandBusConnector.


PS. It is important to note that this mailing list will be discontinued as specified in this thread.
Instead of this mailing list we have moved to use a forum style of communication, at

Hope to see you there!