renaming CommandBus to CommandRegistry or CommandDispather

Hi Allard:
while reading CommandBus concept through documents and source codes
for Axon version 2.o-snapshot, I felt that suffixing "Bus" after
"Command" is not a good idea .

  A "bus" hits for a communication infrastructure which all bus
participating components can share , distribute data among of them

    My understanding of intention of design "CommandBus" interface in
Axon is to match a Command to a corresponding CommandHandler.

Would it be nice to rename CommandBus to CommandRegistry?

Hi Ming,

your definition of “bus” is exactly what the CommandBus is aiming to do. It is just the “SimpleCommandBus” implementation that has the limited capability of only being able to deliver Commands within the same JVM. That’s why it is called simple, after all.

The DistributedCommandBus implementation (new in 2.0) can use connectors to connect multiple VMs together and make one logical Bus instance.

So I believe the name CommandBus is perfectly in place here.